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    TO GOD BE THE GLORY                             in Christ                                JESUS CHRIST IS LORD   
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Jesus Christ is God , Jesus Christ is Lord

                                                                          Christ Is God
As Jehovah
Isa_40:3; Mat_3:3;
As Jehovah of glory
Psa_24:7; Psa_24:10; 1Co_2:8; Jas_2:1;
Jer_23:5; Jer_23:6; 1Co_1:30;
As Jehovah, above all
Psa_97:9; Joh_3:31;
As Jehovah, the First and the Last
Isa_44:6; Rev_1:17; Isa_48:12-16; Rev_22:13;
As Jehovah's Fellow and Equal
Zec_13:7; Php_2:6;
As Jehovah of Hosts
Isa_6:1-3; Joh_12:41; Isa_8:13; Isa_8:14; 1Pe_2:8;
As Jehovah, the Shepherd
Isa_40:11; Heb_13:20;
As Jehovah, for whose glory all things were created
Pro_16:4; Col_1:16;
As Jehovah, the Messenger of the covenant
Mal_3:1; Mar_1:2; Luk_2:27;
Invoked as Jehovah
Joe_2:32; Act_2:21; 1Co_1:2;
As the Eternal God and Creator
Psa_102:24-27; Heb_1:8; Heb_1:10-12;
As the mighty God
As the Great God and Saviour
Hos_1:7; Tit_2:13;
As God over all
Psa_45:6; Psa_45:7; Rom_9:5;
As the true God
Jer_10:10; 1Jn_5:20;
As God the Word
As God, the judge
Ecc_12:14; 1Co_4:5; 2Co_5:10; 2Ti_4:1;
As Emmanuel
Isa_7:14; Mat_1:23;
As King of kings and Lord of lords
Deu_10:17; Rev_1:5; Rev_17:14;
As the Holy One
1Sa_2:2; Act_3:14;
As the Lord from heaven
As Lord of the Sabbath
Gen_2:3; Mat_12:8;
As Lord of all
Act_10:36; Rom_10:11-13;
As Son of God
As the Only-begotten Son of the Father
Joh_1:14; Joh_1:18; Joh_3:16; Joh_3:18; 1Jn_4:9;
His blood is called the blood of God
As one with the Father
Joh_10:30; Joh_10:38; Joh_12:45; Joh_14:7-10; Joh_17:10;
As sending the Spirit, equally with the Father
Joh_14:16; Joh_15:26;
As entitled to equal honour with the Father
As Owner of all things, equally with the Father
As unrestricted by the law of the sabbath, equally with the Father
As the Source of grace, equally with the Father
1Th_3:11; 2Th_2:16; 2Th_2:17;
As unsearchable, equally with the Father
Pro_30:4; Mat_11:27;
As Creator of all things
Isa_40:28; Joh_1:3; Col_1:16; Heb_1:2;
As Supporter and Preserver of all things
Neh_9:6; Col_1:17; Heb_1:3;
As possessed of the fulness of the God head
Col_2:9; Heb_1:3;
As raising the dead
Joh_5:21; Joh_6:40; Joh_6:54;
As raising himself from the dead
Joh_2:19; Joh_2:21; Joh_10:18;
As Eternal
Isa_9:6; Mic_5:2; Joh_1:1; Col_1:17; Heb_1:8-10; Rev_1:8;
As Omnipresent
Mat_18:20; Mat_28:20; Joh_3:13;
As Omnipotent
Psa_45:3; Php_3:21; Rev_1:8;
As Omniscient
Joh_16:30; Joh_21:17;
As discerning the thoughts of the heart
1Ki_8:39; Luk_5:22; Eze_11:5; Joh_2:24; Joh_2:25; Rev_2:23;
As unchangeable
Mal_3:6; Heb_1:12; Heb_13:8;
As having power to forgive sins
Col_3:13; Mar_2:7; Mar_2:10;
As Giver of pastors to the Church
Jer_3:15; Eph_4:11-13;
As Husband of the Church
Isa_54:5; Eph_5:25-32; Isa_62:5; Rev_21:2; Rev_21:9;
As the object of divine worship
Act_7:59; 2Co_12:8; 2Co_12:9; Heb_1:6; Rev_5:12;
As the object of faith
Psa_2:12; 1Pe_2:6; Jer_17:5; Jer_17:7; Joh_14:1;
As God, he redeems and purifies the Church to himself
Rev_5:9; Tit_2:14;
As God, he presents the Church to himself
Eph_5:27; Jud_1:24; Jud_1:25;
Saints live to him as God
Rom_6:11; Gal_2:19; 2Co_5:15;
Acknowledged by his Apostles
Acknowledged by the Old Testament saints
Gen_17:1; Gen_48:15; Gen_48:16; Gen_32:24-30; Hos_12:3-5; Jdg_6:22-24; Jdg_13:21; Jdg_13:22; Job_19:25-27;